Working With Us

Why Work With Cape Public Relations?

Our clients will tell you it's because Cape Public Relations doesn't pull any punches. We don't waste your time or take long lunches. We simply provide powerful, high quality PR services that hit the mark.

Building Positive Profile And Reputation

Cape Public Relations offers you:

  • Public relations that works - every campaign is measured for success
  • A senior PR team with decades of international experience
  • Campaigns are designed around your business objectives
  • Every client is different and we recognise those differences in every campaign
  • Australia wide PR and media relations for national and international businesses seeking to develop their profile here

Above all, we're energetic, stimulating, loyal, friendly and honest people to work with. We take our clients very seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously!

While we are a boutique consultancy, it's comforting to know that Cape Public Relations is an affiliate of Grayling – a leading public relations, public affairs, event management, financial communications and investor relations group with offices in the UK, USA, continental Europe and Asia.