Public Relations

Good public relations is more than just churning out regular press releases and liaising with the media. It's about being able to reach, influence, and persuade your key audiences. And that requires a range of creative communication strategies.

Cape Public Relations designs all our PR campaigns from the ground up, starting with your business goals. How we reach the destination will vary, but the routes we devise have one unifying purpose – to drive your business forward.

Our clients regularly find themselves involved in campaign ideas they had never dreamed of, and relishing the positive results. But we're not interested in just chasing down the novel and the new. We use our decades of experience to advise you of the best tried and true paths to build your profile.

With so many strings in our bow, you'll be sure to get the reputation you deserve.

"Public relations should always be three things –
innovative, effective and measurable"
Luke Roberts, founder of Cape Public Relations

All our public relations campaigns are carefully assessed and measured, and the results reported back to you.

We deliver public relations campaigns and reputation management for clients from all over the world. So no matter where you are on the globe, you'll know exactly what high quality profile has been achieved.

If you want our team working for you call Cape Public Relations in Sydney +61 2 8218 2190, Byron Bay 1300 659 617 or email here.

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