Crisis Management

This is the part no-one likes to talk about in public. Sometimes, when you least expect it, the wind goes out of your sails – or worse still, a raging cyclone of events hits you.

It's those companies who are prepared for a crisis, and are supported by experienced PR professionals, that can continue to steer the ship forward.

The reputation of an organisation can be destroyed in moments if a crisis is not handled correctly. Cape Public Relations provides the support and consultancy you need to manage any calamity, or sticky predicament, you may face.

We help you identify the types of potential crisis that could rain down upon you and then create a plan for effectively managing these incidents – sometimes even devising ways to prevent them from occurring in the first place. We train spokespeople within your company to deal with the media during times of difficulty, and ensure you have all the best communication systems in place to manage a crisis effectively when it occurs.

Issues Management System (IMS)

Every organisation has issues that negatively affect the public perception of your organisation. How you handle these situations is critical to your corporate future. Our IMS service helps you identify potential crises, details the process to manage incidents, trains spokespeople and ensures you have the systems and messages in place to manage things as they occur. It's about accepting not everything remains perfect and some advanced preparation is prudent.

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