Communication Audits

Communication Audits

Before committing to a PR campaign it’s wise to know where your brand’s strengths and challenges lie and how you’re stakeholders and the media perceive you. Without this your PR will be hit and miss.

Cape Public Relations conducts Communication Audits of your stakeholders to gain insight of their perceptions, thoughts and feelings about your organisation. Powerful stuff that informs your communications strategy, helps shape your messages and enables us to find the best way to engage with your target audiences.

Media Mapping

Cape Public Relations achieves media profile for our clients in the media that matters most to you – the magazines, programs and newspapers read, viewed and listened to by your stakeholders and audiences. Every media campaign starts by mapping the media habits of your audiences, including their on-line behaviour. We monitor media relations to measure our success, check what your competitors are up to and identify future media opportunities to exploit. Media relations that works - just ask our clients.

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